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Sep 22 2023

2022-2023 Aces Award Winners

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The Saskatoon Aces presented their yearly awards last night..... Check out the 2022-2023 winners below!!


Aces Coach of the Year

Dean Lucier – U11 Sonic Aces

Dean ensured every player developed in skill in a fun and positive environment. Dean diligently modelled respect to all involved in hockey throughout the season. Dean not once shortened the bench and had fair play as his priority. Dean gave every player the opportunity to play in every game situation. Dean communicated with players, parents, officials to ensure a positive experience throughout the season. Dean is passionate about hockey and what this sport does for the players, and we are in hopes he is recognized for his efforts during the 2022-23 season for the Zone M Aces.

I think Dean Lucier deserves Coach of the Year for several reasons. One - he loves the game, but more so he cares deeply for the kids and their development. His main goal isn't to win - it is to be a team. He takes the time to give tips to individual team players to help advance their skill. He takes time and engages with the boys on the ice and off. Coach Dean is also great at communicating with the kids and the parents.

Dean has been an amazing coach and exemplary role model for the boys and parents of the U11A Sonic Aces. He is a wonderful person, and his behavior on and off the ice demonstrates knowledge, skill, respect, kindness and hard work ethic. His efforts to develop this team should be recognized. He treats everyone with respect, class and dignity including kids, fellow coaches, and referees. We are so thankful to be a part of his team. From team fundraising activities to the community initiative of gathering food bank donations to playing top level hockey - Dean has been a great role model. I would love to see him recognized for being the best coach ever!!! His love for the game and for the boys is apparent in the way he coaches. Thanks Dean for an amazing season and for all that you do! It does not go unnoticed.


Aces Volunteer of the Year

Sandra Peters

Sandra was involved in U13 Hybrid tryouts and Zone evaluations at the zone level. She dedicated numerous hours at the rinks to make the tryout process run smoothly. She was great with players, families, and all volunteers throughout the processes along with being helpful with families. She also dedicated her time throughout the year with her kids’ teams and a great representative for our Zone.


Aces Sportsperson of the Year

Tyler Hamilton – U18B Hardcore Aces

There is a lot of talk in hockey about development. The default definition, however, seems to be related to skill, technical and tactical growth on the ice.

My firm belief is that hockey development is much more than that. It is about personal growth and building individuals to become leaders and contributors in life.  That is where Tyler Hamilton comes in. I don’t want to minimize his hockey ability; he leads our team in goals, wears a leadership letter, plays in all situations in both ends of the ice and is looked upon to execute in high stress situations. BUT as much as Tyler shines on the ice he is a better person off of it.

Tyler has missed one ice time all season despite working a job and excelling in his high school classes. He is key in the mentoring initiative that our team has undertaken with another team in our zone. Tyler is always willing to help with drills but perhaps more importantly he is a positive peer presence. He constantly provides feedback and is an inclusive and confidence building personality who brings out the best in people.

On our team, Tyler has taken 2 PIMs this year which were the result of a misunderstanding with the official when Tyler was restraining his teammates from a post-period scrum. That said, he has earned the respect of his coaches’ teammates and maybe most impressively the officials, as he works with them to make games enjoyable for all participants. At practice Tyler leads by example and is always willing to ask a question to clarify a concept even if it is solely for the benefit of his teammates.

Off the ice, Tyler genuinely cares about people: He along with our leadership group took the initiative to thank the organizer of a tournament that allowed our team to play an out-of-town event, when the organizer was facing scrutiny and confrontation from other teams’ players, coaches, and officials. When a first-year player on our team was struggling in provincials Tyler led a group to build his confidence and advocate for him to get extra ice time when we returned to regular season play. AND when one of our players had to leave a game due to injury, he was the first to deliver support messages through text messages and pack up his equipment to ensure nothing was left behind.

When I first met Tyler a few seasons ago he was a very quiet person that while excelling on the ice very rarely left his comfort zone. In a relatively small amount of time Tyler has grown into a leader, positive role model and someone that I would want my own players to emulate.

Aces Executive of the Year

Todd Serfas

This volunteer has guided the zone through COVID, and re-zoning numerous times.  Not once have they asked anything of the zone, instead giving his time for the love of the sport and keeping kids in the game.   His players have graduated from the program, but he continues to give back.   His leadership, guidance and volunteer spirit is allowing kids to play the game.

Zone commissioner Todd Serfas has many years on the executive along with many years on the ice coaching in the Aces Zone. Todd has always been an important member of the Aces Zone for the right reasons which is to stand up for coaches and players so that they may lead a successful season year after year. Todd is sadly completing his term on the executive and his efforts and knowledge will be missed greatly. Thank you Todd for all your significant contributions to the Aces Zone over the years.


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