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Aug 20 2022

U13 Coordinator Needed

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The Aces Executive is looking to fill the position of the U13 Coordinator for a 1 year term.

What do you do, you may ask....... If you look straight to our Constitution at the position duties, they include:
  1. Shall be members of their respective SMHA Central Program Committee.
  2. Shall operate and administer their respective division under provisions of the Zone M Articles, ByLaws, Policy and Procedures, and Rules and Regulations, under the direction of the Zone Commissioner.
  3. Shall serve as a line of communication between coaches, assistant coaches, and managers in their respective division and the Zone Executive.
  4. To carry out duties relative to his/her office.
Basically, you would help the U13 division, forwarding information to teams and responding to any questions they might have along the way.  

If you have questions or if this sounds like it is something for you, please submit your name, a brief summary about yourself along with why you are interested in the position to

Thank you,
Saskatoon Aces Executive

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