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Player Draft and Team Formation

After evaluations your player can fall into one of the following categories:

1.) Lock Player

These players have the top evaluation numbers and are considered “Locks".  There are different guidelines on the number of locks in a division (U9, U11, etc) draft.  Locked players must be drafted in the tier they are evaluated in.

2.) Bubble Player

These are players who could either be a lower end player in an upper tier or a top end player in a lower tier.  These players are subject to drafting after lock players are drafted. 

Locks and Bubbles Further Explained

Roster sizes are determined based on the number of players being evaluated.  A predetermined formula provides the zone executive a designated number of players who make the team “Locks” and a designated number of “Bubble” players.

Although Bubble players are determined by evaluation results, if multiple scores fall within a narrow margin, the bubble number may be increased to reflect this circumstance.

U9 Draft example

U9 has no drafted positions like forwards, defense or goaltenders. As you get into divisions like U13, U15 or U18 there are positional locks and bubbles.  In this draft example the U9 A team will be made up of 14 players, U9 B team made up of 14 players and the U9 C team will be made up of 14 players.  The draft is of 42 players.

U9 A Draft

  • 1 to 10 are Lock players
  • Coaches must pick these players for the U9 A team
  • 11 to 18 are bubble players (Bubble of 8)
  • Out of this bubble 4 players will become drafted upper tier (U9 A) and 4 players will become locks in the lower tier draft (U9 B).
  • These draft picks are at the coaches’ discretion.

U9 B Draft

  • 15 to 24 are Lock Players
  • 4 Bubble Players from U9 A draft are now Lock Players in this tier
  • Coaches must pick these players for the U9 B team
  • 25 to 32 are bubble players (Bubble of 8)
  • Out of this bubble 4 players will become drafted upper tier (U9 B) and 4 players will be placed in the last tier (U9 C).

There are many reasons that a Bubble Player may or may not get picked during a draft. Below are a few to give you an idea that there is no set decision making for bubble kids.

  • Some coaches may just take the top 4 rated bubble players
  • In some divisions, coaches may need more right wingers or know of a good center
  • Some coaches may know little Johnny is a hard worker and enjoys coaching him from prior years
  • Some coaches consider off-ice conduct of players/parents, commitment levels and the ability to positively contribute to the team
  • Some coaches are familiar with parents that have coached or volunteered in the past, so they will select that player to get assistance on or off the ice.