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  1. Refunds for health reasons will only be issued with a Doctor's note.
  2. Refunds must be requested prior to December 1st in any season (as this is when we have full paid registration to SMHA). The refund will be pro-rated and will exclude insurance costs. No refunds after December 1st .
  3. Any player moving to another hockey area must have their new area request a transfer of registration fees from Zone M. (Zone M will issue directly to the new area.)
  4. KidSport (or other third party funds), along with Bingo funds, cannot be refunded to the persons who received them unless the third party specifically authorizes the refund.
  5. Registered players withdrawing from Zone M Aces hockey prior to September 1st in the year of transaction will be subject to a non-negotiable administration fee of $25 to offset transaction and other costs incurred by the Zone.
  6. All refund requests after September 1st in the year of transaction will be reviewed by a subcommittee comprised of the Registrar, Treasurer and Zone Commissioner/Assistant Commissioner. Decisions regarding refunds are final and are not subject to appeal.
  7. Effective September 1st in the year of transaction, no refunds will be issued for withdrawal without sufficient reason. The following refund policy will apply to circumstances in which a player is unable to complete their season for one of the following reasons only:
    • Significant illness (with supporting documentation from a medical doctor)
    • Significant injury (with supporting documentation from a medical doctor)
    • Relocation of the player’s primary residence outside of SMHA boundaries
If approved, the following deductions will apply to the refund based on the following timelines:
  1. From September 1st but prior to evaluations: admin fee charged ($25) then 90% of remainder is refundable.
  2. After start of evaluations but prior to first assigned team ice time: admin fee charged ($25) then 80% of remainder is refundable.
  3. Following first assigned team ice time but prior to November 1st: admin fee charged ($25) then 65% of remainder is refundable.
  4. After November 1st through December 31st: admin fee charged, then 30% of remainder is refundable.
  5. As of January 1st: no refund.
  6. Refunds in the form of cash/cheque will not be allowed for registration fees paid by bingo credits or Third Party Funding sources.
  7. The Zone M Aces organization is committed to ensuring that as many players as possible be provided the opportunity to play. In support of that ideal the following order of refunded payment(s) will apply:
    • MSS
    • Kidsport
    • Canadian Tire Jumpstart
    • Helpone
    • Band Funding
    • Other funding sources
    • Bingo Credits
    • Player’s family