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Evaluations and Ranking

Ice times are normally split up into:

Non-Evaluated Preskates

  • Used as a warmup, as this may be the first time some players are stepping on the ice for the upcoming season.  Players are walked through the drills that will be used for the Skills Evaluation portion and given a chance to try them.  Players are not evaluated or ranked during these sessions.

Evaluated Skills Sessions

  • Players are divided randomly into groups.... Groups may change between sessions.
  • Players (not including goaltenders) are evaluated on a predefined set of drills by independent evaluators contracted by the Saskatoon Zone M Aces.
  • The drills focus on various aspects of the game such as; forward skating, backward skating, stopping/starting, transitioning, passing, puck control, and shooting.
  • Skills are given a total score out of 35 for each skills session

​Evaluated Scrimmages

  • Players are normally divided randomly into teams for the first scrimmage and then grouped according to preliminary evaluation numbers for second scrimmage.
  • Players are evaluated on their game awareness, IQ, skills, etc.... by independent evaluators contracted by the Saskatoon Zone M Aces
  • Goaltenders will also be evaluated during these scrimmages
  • Scrimmages are given a total score out of 40 for each scrimmage session

Evaluated ​Goaltender Sessions

  • Goaltenders are not evaluated during skater skills sessions.  There will be a specific date for goaltenders to be evaluated at separately.  Goaltenders will, however, be evaluated during the evaluated scrimmages for their age group.  


  • In order for a player to be placed on an "A" or "B" team, that player needs to attend tryouts.  If you miss a session, you will be given a score of '0' for that session.  This score will be included in the cumulative average score eg. 30 + 0 = 30 ÷ 2 = 15
  • Players who do not attend tryouts will be placed according to SMHA guidelines.
  • The top evaluated goaltenders go to the highest tier.
  • If a goalie attends tryouts as a goalie and only a goalie (and there ends up being 2 goalies on a team) the goalie will only be allowed to play goal. The goalies will alternate ice times. If your child wants to play as a goalie, and play as a skater, the child must be evaluated as both a goalie and as a skater, He/She must attend tryouts as both. The child will play goal at the level in which he/she was evaluated as a skater (not what they are evaluated at as a goaltender) 

Evaluation Policies:

  • There will be a minimum of 3 evaluators at each session
  • Players may not remain on the same team throughout the entire evaluation process as your child may be moved around during the evaluation process. Please check the website for ice times (to be placed on information sheet at registration)
  • Coaching: when you apply to coach, please be aware that you will coach the level at which your child is evaluated
  • Siblings: need to determine when siblings are trying out the same age group if the parents want them to play on the same team they will play at the level of the lowest evaluated family member
  • Scrimmages will be refereed by certified referees and will follow the rules according to Hockey Canada guidelines
  • Players must have a full set of certified equipment as per Hockey Canada guidelines
  • Any player removed from the ice for disciplinary action and/or unsportsmanlike conduct (including verbal abuse) will be assessed a score of 0 for that tryout session; this score will be included in the cumulative average score eg. 30 + 0 = 30 ÷2 = 15