The Saskatoon Zone M Aces Executive takes great pride in ensuring that the process set out from evaluations to team formation is transparent and fair to all players in our zone.  We understand this time can be stressful to both parents and players, but with well laid out guidelines, we hope that we can maintain the integrity of our zone and continue to enjoy this game we all love to be a part of.

Tentative Schedule

For a filtered schedule, by division, please see the individual division pages...

  • U7 ** updated September 16th, 2022 **
  • U9 ** updated September 16th, 2022 **
  • U11 ** updated September 8th, 2022 **
  • U13 ** updated September 22nd, 2022 **
  • U15 ** updated September 22nd, 2022 **
  • U18 ** updated September 22nd, 2022 **